We specialize in the construction of very high quality additions. Our experience, acquired over many years and hundreds of projects, enables us to complete your addition in a timely and professional manner. Projects range from small bath additions, to large and complex extensions to the entire house. We also have extensive experience with the special requirements for building on water front properties. One of the attributes of a successful addition is that it blends seamlessly with the existing house – this is the goal that we strive for on every project.


Kitchens with custom cabinetry and high quality detailing are one of our specialties. Creating an extraordinary kitchen requires a team effort, overseen by capable and talented supervision. Our supervisors are onsite every day, making sure that all the many and complex elements that make up a modern kitchen, come together into a seamless whole. With many years of experience, we have the ability to create kitchens of unrivaled quality, functionality, and visual appeal.


The modern bath is no longer the utilitarian space that it once was. Today’s baths often feature granite, stonework, custom cabinetry and specialized plumbing and fixtures. We have extensive experience in all of these areas. Let us create the bath that you’ve dreamed about.


Remodeling an existing house is one of the most difficult tasks that a contractor can undertake, and one of the most stressful for the owner. We know that most people don’t look forward to the process of remodeling and we do everything within our power to make the process as pleasant as possible. The key to our success is that we have our own highly trained and skilled craftsmen on staff (most of whom have been with the company for many years). They are aware that quality of the process is as important as the quality of the product. We make remodeling easy.

New Homes

Contractors who have no employees, and therefore must rely on a series of sub contractors to produce their product, build most new homes today. The problem with this approach is that many of the most critical items, such as flashing details, don’t fall neatly into any one category, and are often given little or no attention by any particular contractor. Even though the resulting structure may look fine, it may very well be destined for extensive repairs just a few years down the road. With our highly trained and experienced crew that won’t happen, we have spent years perfecting the techniques and details, which will ensure that your structure will stand the test of time without costly and excessive maintenance.

Custom woodworking

If your project requires extensive woodwork and moldings we can help. We have years of experience in this type of work. We are well versed in multipart crown, wainscot and other detailed woodwork.